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Anonymous: If people were mean to you or didn't want to be bothered with you, wasnt interested in you, in the past but now youre doing good they want to be nice, respectful, and talk to you. would you ignore them or still talk to em?

No, I wouldn’t ignore them. Either way, that’s their own headache. Just keeping doing you xx

Anonymous: How do you make conversation with someone you've just met

You just do x

Anonymous: I've been with someone for a couple years and I love them... But I don't love them like I loved someone else... I'm not sad in the relationship but not happy as I could be. What would you do?

What would I do, um… I can’t say simply because I’ve never been in that situation. I guess it’s hard because you say you’re not sad but at the same time you’re not as happy as you say you could be. Maybe you should think about what you really want because you shouldn’t still be thinking about someone you was in love with or how much you loved them if you’re in a new relationship.

Anonymous: Hey can I ask for your advice?

Yeah sure x

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